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Free shipping above 2.500 NOK | Exclusive Danish design | Shop duty free - we take care of it



Zara Cardigan - Teddy 4.810,00 kr
Denise Cardigan - Teddy 4.810,00 kr
Denise Cardigan - Charcoal 4.810,00 kr
Delilah Cardigan - Walnut 3.210,00 kr
Lailabeth Cardigan - Navy 3.060,00 kr
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Lailabeth Cardigan - Grey Buck 3.060,00 kr
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Lailabeth Cardigan - Charcoal 3.060,00 kr
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Dora Poncho - Off White 4.670,00 kr
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Delilah Cardigan - Black 3.210,00 kr
Lailabeth Cardigan - Rosy Lollipop 3.060,00 kr
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Nina Cardigan - Beige 951,00 kr 3.170,00 kr
Thea Vest - Navy 540,00 kr 1.350,00 kr
Thea Vest - Hot Pink 540,00 kr 1.350,00 kr
Zara Cardigan - Taupe 3.560,00 kr 4.450,00 kr
Zara Cardigan - Off White 4.450,00 kr
Lailabeth Cardigan - Warm Beige 2.830,00 kr
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Lailabeth Cardigan - Pastel Green 2.122,50 kr 2.830,00 kr
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Lailabeth Cardigan - Denim Blue 2.122,50 kr 2.830,00 kr
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Feminine Wool Cardigans for Quality Conscious Women

Complete your look with a beautiful cardigan from O’TAY. In this category we have collected our soft clothing options in different colours and designs for you to be able to find your perfect match. The selection is thought through and it offers the prettiest cardigans in the best possible quality.

At O’TAY you can always find a comfortable and stylish wool cardigan, which we promise will be one to always follow you. Explore this category and treat yourself with some luxury cardigans or make someone else happy by purchasing a gift for them.

Add a Knitted Cardigan to Any Outfit

One example of what makes our wool cardigans special are the lovely details that you encounter, when you explore our selection. Among other varieties you will find cardigans with the most beautiful pearl buttons and cardigans with the most flattering cuts and details which really make a difference. Moreover, the various items are delivered to you in the softest fabrics that hug your body comfortably and secure plenty of flexibility and mobility in your everyday life.

In this category you will find both cashmere cardigans as well as other wool cardigans, which are must haves in your wardrobe. Explore our selection of fashionable and comfortable blouses and wear the one that fits your style the best. Pair it up with stilettos and use it for a party or wear it with jeans and sneakers for everyday use. It is completely up to you – however, you can be certain that you will be fashionable and classy, if you wear a cashmere cardigan from O’TAY.

A cardigan from our selection can be worn all seasons of the year. In fact, we love cardigans because they are so easy to bring along with you and because they are a pretty, simple and easy addition to every outfit. Sweaters are sometimes big and clumsy, which can potentially ruin an outfit, if you choose to wear a huge one with your jeans or a dress. That is, on the other hand, not how cardigans function. They will always have a lightness to them which suits a dress, a T-shirt or a top. In this category you will find various colours, styles and cuts, which is why it is possible for you to find something that matches what you already own.

Soft Wool Cardigans That You Cannot Live Without – For Both Summer and Winter

You can wear your cardigan as a beautiful, light jacket at a party in the summertime, or you can wear your wool cardigan in cold weather, when you want nothing else than being wrapped in soft and warm materials. The cardigan is versatile and can be worn on all occasions. It is simply a garment you must own.

We are happy to see that cardigans have become popular and modern again, because we believe them to be the most feminine garments that exist. Numerous of our wool cardigans are made with pretty details like pearls which allows you to wear them as blouses that are closed or open on top of a T-shirt.

Our selection of cardigans reflects current fashion and trends as well as seasonal colours, as our other collections do as well. Additionally, we make sure that our styles, including our cardigans, are unique, which allows you to create a clothing style that is luxurious, elegant and difficult to imitate.

Treat Yourself with a Little More Luxury in Your Everyday Life by Acquiring a Beautiful Cashmere Cardigan

According to us, a more exclusive material than cashmere does not exist, which is why we are happy to be able to offer this to our customers every day. At O’TAY our philosophy is that all women should be able to afford luxury, which is what we have managed to incorporate into our online universe, where we sell our items directly to our consumers. This allows us to sell our items to you at very reasonable prices, even though we use expensive, quality materials. Cashmere is a fabric that we cannot do without in our own personal wardrobes, and we hope that you will see how nice and versatile the fabric is once you have explored our various products on our website.

Cashmere is a wool fabric, but the fibres are much finer and thinner than regular wool, which is why a cashmere cardigan is really soft – almost like silk and incredibly light even though it keeps you warm. Some people assume that cashmere is difficult to maintain, but that could not be more wrong, because cashmere does not crease or require ironing either before or after it has been worn. Usually, you can clean a cashmere cardigan merely by removing potential stains, because the fabric does not absorb body odour. Cashmere cardigans offer many advantages, so take a look around in this category and order your own cashmere cardigan today.

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