For many years, the fashion industry has contributed to a "throw-away" culture, which makes the lifespan of clothes unnecessarily short. The short lifespan is due to the fact that fashion is in constant development, which means that the demand for the quality of the clothes deteriorates. This often means that the clothes are will be destroyed due to over-washing, before they wear out due to use.

O'TAY would like to contribute to a more responsible wardrobe. We believe that the most responsible clothes you can buy are the clothes you end up wearing out. And that is precisely why quality, long-lasting materials and timeless design are in O'TAY's DNA. This also means that you can have your clothes for many years with the right care.


Cashmere and wool have a self-cleaning property, which means that you can wash less often with a clear conscience - this is both good for the clothes and the environment. If the garment is washed too frequently, you risk the fit being "washed out" and the fibers weakening. In this guide, you will find the best advice on how to wash your cashmere and wool from O'TAY in the washing machine*.

Before you get started, it is important that you know your washing machine well. If this is the first time you wash your cashmere or wool, we recommend that you first try on some styles that you don't like "as much". It would be such a shame to have your favorites ruined by a washing machine that is too harsh on the clothes.


  • Start by "brushing" lint off the clothes
  • Then sort the colors
  • Turn the clothes inside out
  • Take care of the clothes by putting them in a laundry bag
  • Use detergent made for cashmere/wool
  • Wash the clothes on a wool/silk program - max. 30°C and 600 rpm


  • "Smooth" the garment so that it achieves its original fit
  • Leave it to dry on an even surface - possibly on a towel
  • The clothes must be completely dry before folding
  • Preferably store the clothes in the dark
  • Protect your clothes from moths
  • Be diligent in taking care of the clothes on an ongoing basis

*This is a recommended guide for washing/care of your cashmere and wool from O'TAY. O'TAY can in no way be held responsible for any errors/damages that may occur in connection with washing/care.



You can advantageously hang your knitwear outside, or use your shower cubicle after showering, to air out. It boosts the self-cleaning property, refreshes the clothes and reduces unpleasant odors. The moisture causes the fibers to swell to their natural structure.


If you are more into the quick solution, you can use a clothes steamer. It has the same effect as airing the clothes. The steam causes the fibers to swell and restores their natural structure. The steam will also reduce wrinkles and bacteria.


If you feel like you miss the smell of freshly washed clothes, you can use a refreshing spray. We have two variants, they both have in common that they refresh the clothes and remove boring smells, while giving the feeling and smell of freshly washed clothes.


Got a stain on your clothes? Then the best advice must be to get the stain removed as soon as possible. By only "attacking" directly on the exposed area, you spare the clothes a wash. But be careful with harsh stain removers - try carefully with a color- and perfume-free soap!


Your knitwear will have an extended lifespan when you are conscious of looking after and caring for it. This applies regardless of the quality - all types of wool benefit from it. That's why we've gathered our four favorites to take care of your cashmere and wool styles from O'TAY.

01 - COMB

If we had to choose one product that is indispensable for caring for your cashmere, it would undoubtedly be our Cashmere Comb. It is perfect to take with you on the go, so you can always make sure your cashmere looks like new.


Our Cashmere Comb is really effective and definitely a must-have when you want to care for your cashmere and wool. It easily removes the lint that can occur where your clothes are worn. Your knitwear will be like new when the treatment is over.

110,00 kr


One care product we swear by is our exclusive Cashmere & Wool Shampoo. It is available in two variants - with and without fragrance. The detergent contains silk extract and is therefore particularly suitable for your knitwear, because the extract helps to preserve your soft and supple knitwear. The detergent can be used both for hand washing and in the washing machine.


The detergent is gentle on natural fibers such as cashmere and wool, which makes it particularly suitable for your O'TAY styles. It is a pH neutral detergent that cleans clothes thoroughly, removes odors and dirt at the same time with the fact that it preserves the lanolin in the wool, so that your clothes stay supple and soft for a long time.


Is your biggest fear that one day you take your knitting out of the closet and out of the blue a hole has appeared in the middle of the knitting? Then you need to use Cedar Balls to protect against moths, by placing them between your knitting. Moths cannot "stand" the smell of cedar wood, so they naturally want to move away from the balls.


Our Cedar Balls are small balls made of cedar wood that naturally fight moths. The scent of cedar is quite subtle, yet enough to scare away moths. The balls' natural oil content/fragrance is slowly released over time, they will therefore be able to protect your knitwear from moths and other insects until they no longer smell - and when the smell is gone, you just have to sand lightly with fine sandpaper. Easy and environmentally friendly!

110,00 kr

04 - SPRAY

After you've worn your knitwear a few times, you may well feel that it needs washing - we know it well. But we recommend that you extend the time a little longer between each wash to take good care of it. You can easily do this by using a Freshen Up Spray, which comes in two variants - with and without fragrance.


Our Freshen Up Spray is the tool that you cannot do without in a busy everyday life. The spray quickly refreshes your knitwear and make it possible to stretch the time a little longer between washes. In this way, you protect both the clothes and the environment from unnecessary trips to the washing machine.

220,00 kr