Free shipping above 2.500 NOK | Exclusive Danish design | Shop duty free - we take care of it

Free shipping above 2.500 NOK | Exclusive Danish design | Shop duty free - we take care of it



Callie Top - Off White 1.350,00 kr
Callie Top - Light Grey 1.350,00 kr
Carla Top - Vellum 1.080,00 kr
Carla Top - Off White 1.080,00 kr
Claire Top - Sand 2.030,00 kr
Claire Top - Off White 2.030,00 kr
Celine Top - Walnut 1.620,00 kr
Celine Top - Off White 1.620,00 kr
Celeste Top - Pure White 2.560,00 kr
Celeste Top - Chinchilla 2.560,00 kr
Tilly Top - Light Coffee 454,50 kr 1.010,00 kr
Tilly Top - Baby Rose 454,50 kr 1.010,00 kr

Feminine Tops in the Softest Fabrics

Our soft and classic tops can be worn at parties or on an everyday basis, and wherever you choose to wear them the luxurious fabrics will provide you with comfort all day. In this category you will find our selection of knitted tops made of cashmere and of other soft fabrics. We continuously update our selection of tops with new, fabulous ones that follow modern colour schemes and tendencies.

A Knitted Top Can Be Worn All Year Around

All our tops are perfect for a warm summer day since wool is not only for the cold days. With a knitted cashmere top for the summer season, you can take advantage of the cooling effect that it has when it is really hot. The fine cashmere fibres are very light and thin, and the wool is also breathable and temperature adjusting. The fact that the wool can absorb moisture and lead it away from your body makes it possible for you to not feel sweaty in the summer heat.

When summer is over, you do not need to pack up your tops. They can easily become a part of your winter outfits and end up being indispensable. Moreover, a knitted top is beautiful and classic and can be worn underneath a blazer or a cardigan at parties or as an outfit for your everyday life. Additionally, if you tend to feel cold in the winter, a wool top is also very suitable as an extra insulating layer of clothing underneath a shirt or a blouse.

Tops For Both the Office and the Dancefloor

Do you know those garments that can save any outfit, because they are perfect for every occasion? That is exactly what our tops are. In the office you can wear a knitted top with a pair of fashionable trousers or a skirt and combine it with a blazer. You can also choose to wear it as a slipover on top of a thin, long-sleeved blouse. When it comes to styling your clothes, the only limit is your creativity.

Moreover, if you have a party to attend, you can style your knitted top in many ways. If you are going to let loose and dance all night you can wear your top with a pair of cool trousers or with a skirt and a pair of chic stilettos. If you are going to a café, a light cardigan or a jacket that is draped over your shoulders is the perfect accessory to a classic top in a lovely colour. If it is cold outside you can combine your top with a soft scarf in order to feel luxurious and comfortable.

Classic Cuts and Colours You Can Use for Years

We are not supporters of fast fashion or throwaway culture. Therefore, we design durable and timeless items which can be mixed and matched across different collections; items that can be used all year round and be a part of your wardrobe for many years. It is simply a good investment to buy good quality clothes because they last longer and because you will like it more and not throw it away after a short period of time.

Therefore, the colours of our tops are classic and somewhat neutral, which makes it easy for you to combine our items with what you already own and with the items in our other collections. Usually, it will be easier to put together stylish outfits when you have got some good quality, basic clothing items to create your look from, which is why we make a virtue of creating clothes that are easy to mix and match and which make it possible to be creative.

Find Tops Which Match Your Style and Personality

Do you like a classic, simple style, or do you like something with feminine details perhaps? In our selection of tops, you can find both and you can choose exactly the colours you like.

Moreover, our tops have different types of fits. Some of our tops are slim fit while others are more relaxed and loose fitting. Besides, you can adjust the fit according to your own preferences by choosing a larger or smaller size than usual, which makes it possible to achieve a slimmer or looser fit respectively. It is completely up to you how you want your clothes to fit.

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