About O'TAY

O'TAY is a Danish founded cashmere universe that was started in 2019 by Stephanie and Vivian Seedorff. The popular cashmere universe is created based on good core values, where quality, timeless design and feminine details are the focus.
By combining elements from a classic Scandinavian wardrobe with current trends, O'TAY offers a wide range of exclusive styles that can be used for any occasion. In just a few years, the universe has grown, and today you can find O'TAY online, in our Flagship Store and at more than 100 retailers in Scandinavia.

O'TAYs founders

The story of O'TAY starts in a small Danish town back in 2019, where Stephanie and her mother, Vivian, agree to realize their shared dream of creating a fashion universe with a focus on luxurious fashion for women of all ages. Mother and daughter's shared passion for fashion started the adventure known today as O'TAY - a recognized and well-established brand offering 'Affordable Luxury' to the quality-conscious woman.
The bond between mother and daughter has only grown stronger, since the adventure began in 2019, and this is despite the fact that Stephanie has moved to the East, where she can be very close to the production and make sure that the working conditions are good – that is, far away from the home base and mother Vivian. If you ask mother and daughter, however, the move to the East was a necessity. Quality, transparency and humanity are the key words behind the business and their common heart child, O'TAY, and sometimes important things require big sacrifices and decisions, but this is something that mother and daughter have always agreed with.

The story behind the name

At O'TAY, nothing is left to chance - neither the materials nor the details such as the carefully selected buttons - and this is something mother and daughter believe you can feel when you wear the unique styles from O'TAY.
Perhaps you have even discovered that "O'TAY" is quite similar to "Okay"? It's no coincidence either; when Stephanie was little, she had difficulty getting the k over her lips, and "okay" therefore often became "O'TAY".
When mother and daughter had to find the perfect name for their joint business, or child of the heart, there was thus no doubt: of course their shared dream should be named after Stephanie's sweet speech error, which has been the topic of conversation many times in the small home, where her linguistic challenge has been laughed at. All other name suggestions seemed insignificant compared to "O'TAY", which evokes a nostalgic feeling for both mother and daughter, and based on this sweet story about Stephanie's childhood, the fashion universe was thus named.