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Free shipping above 2.500 NOK | Exclusive Danish design | Shop duty free - we take care of it



Caroline T-Shirt - Taupe 2.430,00 kr
Caroline T-Shirt - Off White 2.430,00 kr
Cassie T-Shirt - Walnut 2.480,00 kr
Cassie T-Shirt - Sand 2.480,00 kr
Cassie T-Shirt - Light Rose 2.480,00 kr
Cherry T-Shirt - Pure White 3.100,00 kr
Cherry T-Shirt - Chinchilla 3.100,00 kr
Pamela T-Shirt - White 610,00 kr 1.220,00 kr
Pamela T-Shirt - Off White 854,00 kr 1.220,00 kr
Pamela T-Shirt - Light Grey 854,00 kr 1.220,00 kr
Pamela T-Shirt - Baby Rose 610,00 kr 1.220,00 kr
Pamela T-Shirt - Baby Blue 610,00 kr 1.220,00 kr
Sophie T-Shirt - Brownstone 1.567,50 kr 2.090,00 kr

An item you should always keep in your wardrobe is a T-shirt. It is a versatile type of clothing, which you can wear on any occasion. You can dress it up or you can dress it down depending on what your day looks like. That is why we love it at O’TAY, where we sell T-shirts to women who enjoy being feminine and elegant. Our T-shirts are exclusive and made in exquisite cashmere or merino wool that function as the icing on the cake on any outfit. When you scroll down this page you will find an exquisite selection of our feminine T-shirts in delicate colours. If you wish to, you can also match them with a pair of trousers or a skirt from our assortment.

Beautiful and Feminine T-shirts for Women

A quality material T-shirt will be your ally for warm days and cool nights. Our T-shirts are made of natural fabrics like cashmere and merino wool which can be worn all year round. At O’TAY we supply women of all ages with luxury items, because we believe that everyone deserves to sweeten their everyday lives with luxurious, quality clothes.

In this category you will find our selection of T-shirts for women in a delicate colour palette, which reflects our breezy and elegant design. We care a lot about details, which is why you will find cashmere T-shirts with elegant lace, pearls or something else that emphasizes the feminine look that we like so much.

Sweeten Your Everyday Life with an Exquisite Cashmere T-shirt

Cashmere clothing has always been something we have focused on at O’TAY. Typically, what comes to mind when talking about cashmere is probably a blouse or a sweater, but why not expand your wardrobe with a nice cashmere T-shirt? We all have a favourite sweater or two that we wear in the winter, but if you own a quality T-shirt, you can wear that all year round.

Cashmere has always been a synonym of luxury because of the quality of it. It is the queen of quality clothing. At O’TAY we love it because of the exceptional warmth, softness and durability of it. Not only is cashmere the most delicate, softest and most warm yarn, but it is also a very durable kind of fabric that can last for 10 years if it is properly cared for.

Why a Cashmere T-Shirt Is a Good Addition to Your Wardrobe

  • It is warm. Cashmere is three times better than regular wool. It is temperature adjusting and it keeps you warm or cools you down.
  • It is soft. The thin, unique fibres in cashmere create a fine texture that almost makes it feel like silk and it does not itch.
  • It is resistant. Cashmere clothing does not shrink when washed correctly. It also retains its shape better than regular wool clothing does.

There really are no disadvantages of wearing a nice cashmere T-shirt. It is the perfect addition to your outfits for spring when the weather varies a lot. Our selection of T-shirts is perfect for the spring because you can easily wear our T-shirts with a pair of jeans or over a top if it gets too cold.

Our T-shirts are classic and perfect for your everyday office outfit, and you can easily wear them with a shirt underneath. When you put on an O’TAY T-shirt you will experience comfort and mobility due to the fabulous fabrics which hug your body comfortably.

T-Shirts for Women That are Created with a Clear Conscience

In our universe we focus on luxury and good quality, which means that we follow the entire process of our items; from the production to the delivery to you. Our biggest wish is that you get to wear a nice and comfortable cashmere T-shirt with a clear conscience, which is why we care a lot about how the production takes place and what kind of materials that are used. This is how it is possible to sell quality items to you.

Therefore, it is also important to us to sell durable items to you, which cashmere T-shirts are for instance. This is why you need to take extra good care of your T-shirts and wash them as they should be. Cashmere is a self-cleaning fabric, and, in most cases, you can just leave the clothes to air outside instead of washing them. However, if they get stained, they need to be washed. The best way to do this is by choosing a wool program on your washing machine and adding detergent that is made for wool. You should never hang your cashmere T-shirt up to dry. Instead, you should leave it on a table – preferably on top of a towel.

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