Behind The Scenes - Summer Escape

Behind The Scenes - Summer Escape

Our 'Summer Escape' collection was shot in our production cities of Florence and Lucca, located just outside Florence. The collection is inspired by the Italian gem, Florence. The city is famous for its art and architecture and has a truly unique atmosphere. 



We have made an effort to capture this inspiring ambiance and energy, and we can now finally present our 'Summer Escape' collection, which reflects the best of our soft universe and Italy in a fine and elegant fusion.

The colors and silhouettes have been carefully selected to bring out the classic and timeless aspects of the summer wardrobe. We stayed in a beautiful old villa filled with good energy, quirky old details, and where the new meets the old classic. Even the electrical outlets were detailed with small quirks. We wanted to take the beautiful tiles home - and do you know that feeling when wine just tastes better in the warm sun and beautiful surroundings?



With our 'Summer Escape' collection, you can add lovely summer colors to your wardrobe – from tops, knit dresses, and cashmere t-shirts to linen trousers and lightweight skirts. These elegant styles ensure you a classic and timeless look. In this collection, we are excited to present feminine colors in a seductive combination with lovely earth tones. Whether you are attending a summer wedding or a garden party, the collection has something for every occasion.



The collection itself is inspired by the understated elegance and beauty found in Florence. Each piece in the collection tells its own story, just like the streets of Florence. We hope you will find the same magic and joy in our 'Summer Escape' collection as we do. Welcome to an O’TAY collection where the charming atmosphere of Florence and our dedication to quality, fashion, aesthetics, and elegance come together. We hope you will embrace the collection and fall in love with it - as we have.




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