5 reasons why you must use Cedar Balls

5 reasons why you must use Cedar Balls

Have you also tried finding a blouse in your wardrobe where a hole has appeared out of nowhere? You don't remember that you got stuck wit the blouse, or that there was a thread pull - but still there was a hole. It will most likely be moths that have been involved.
It is such a shame when you can find moths, but nevertheless there is advice on how to reduce the risk of it happening again. But first of all, it is important that you do a thorough cleaning of your wardrobe, so that you are sure that there are no more moths to track down. You must then arm yourself with the right care products so that you can protect your clothes against moths in the future.
For that, our best tip is to invest in Cedar Balls for your precious knitting.

1. Natural and environmentally friendly

One good reason why our Cedar Balls are worth the investment is that the balls are environmentally friendly. They are made of cedar wood, which naturally fights moths. Moths cannot "stand" the smell of cedar, so they will automatically avoid approaching places that smell of it. Quite simple and smart.

2. Discreet and refreshing scent

The nice thing about Cedar Balls is that they have a subtle scent. The scent is in no way nauseating or too much, so you can advantageously place them between your clothes - this ensures that the clothes are always fragrant. When the scent is fading, you can refresh the balls by lightly sanding with very fine sandpaper.

3. Long-lasting protection

In addition to the fact that our cedar balls are environmentally friendly, they also have a long-lasting effect. The natural oil content/fragrance of the balls is released slowly over time, they will therefore be able to protect your knitting against moths and other insects until they no longer smell - and when the smell is gone, just do as written in point 2: lightly sand with fine sandpaper .

4. Versatile uses

Cedar Balls can not only be used to put by your clothes to protect against moths. It can also be used to refresh cupboards and drawers or other areas in your home. The balls' natural oil content makes them useful as a discreet air purifier. So you can protect your clothes from moth attacks, but also clean/refresh the air. Win-win!

5. Perfect size

The cedar balls are the perfect size and come in a nice little bag. They are suitable for taking with you in your suitcase when you go on holiday, so you always ensure that you reduce the risk of moths.
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