3 women - 3 outfits // Norwegian influencers

3 women - 3 outfits // Norwegian influencers

Some days are worse than others when it comes to clothing crises. Sometimes you can have a clear idea of ​​what to wear and exactly how to style it. At other times it may feel hopeless to get dressed, because you may not feel comfortable in your clothes, or perhaps because you feel uninspired to put together your look.

We know it - even though we are a universe full of the latest fashion for women!

Regardless of whether you have a quiet or active everyday life, you also have the right to feel good and comfortable in your clothes. Simple as that. But that is sometimes easier said than done, because we habitual people can be too "good" to think in the same boxes - sometimes we need help to break out of the boxes and let creativity run free.

Our best tip to let your creativity break out of the boxes is: find some inspiring people at social media Instagram, so you have a place where you can easily search for new inputs.

Our 3 suggestions on inspiring persons

Malina Kragmann (@malinakragmann)

Malina's profile is aesthetically beautiful, where she shows a glimpse of her everyday life as a mother to an adorable girl. On her profile you can find inspiration for practical and beautiful clothes.

Tine Andrea Lauvli (@tineandreaa)

Tine's profile is full of cool content, where she creates daring styling of outfits for every occasion. On her profile you will find Scandinavian style with edgy details.

Dina Hansen (@dinahansen)

Dina's profile exudes classic fashion, which is styled in a minimalist way and gives a hint of a capsule wardrobe. On her profile you will find a classic color palette with an edge.


We hope that you can find inspiration in one of the three beautiful women. And of course remember to also follow O'TAY at @otaycashmere - we promise we'll share everything from our universe there!



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