3 tips for choosing the right blazer for you

3 tips for choosing the right blazer for you

Are you, like us, also obsessed with the big trend - the blazer - in the fashion picture? We love the look of a blazer because it can effortlessly add a lot to an outfit and be the famous finishing touch. In this blog post, we have collected our 5 reasons to own a blazer, as well as our 3 best tips for choosing the right one.

We launched our first blazer in autumn 2022, and it was with great excitement because our core in the O'TAY universe has always been knitwear. Therefore, it also made the most sense for us that the blazer should naturally follow the common thread in our knitting universe. And that's how our first wool blazer Xenia came to be - a classic and timeless style that fits into everyone's wardrobe.

Top 5 reasons to own a blazer

We have several reasons why a blazer is a must-have in any wardrobe. Find our top 5 reasons below:

1. The feeling you get from wearing a stylish look
Do you know the feeling of having a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you just know that no matter when you put it on, you feel comfortable? It is the feeling of your self-confidence that is boosted because you have dressed nicely and comfortably. It's the feeling that you don't have to spend a single second feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. This is exactly the feeling that a blazer brings out - a feeling of being a boss lady, a feeling of "I GOT THIS".

2. The rescue in any clothing crisis
When creating a capsule wardrobe, it is essential to have some safe basics. Here it is undoubtedly a must-have with a nice blazer. The blazer helps to ensure that you always have a formal and stylish look. In other words, the blazer is the right choice when you want to make sure you look your best and make a good first impression.

3. Ideal for all occasions - always!
A blazer is the perfect choice - short and sweet. You are always well dressed and look nice when you are dressed in a blazer. Regardless of whether you are going out to eat at an exclusive restaurant, are on the go in everyday life or going to a garden party with family and friends - the blazer is always a good look.

4. A good investment
The blazer is the item in your wardrobe that you will certainly always be able to use. On summer days you can use it as a light jacket, it's a good choice for party outfits, it will be perfect for a day at the office - there really isn't anything you can't use it for.

5. A true winner
When you invest in a blazer, it is important that you are conscious about your choice. Should it be fitted or oversized? Short or long? Patterned or plain? With details or completely plain? However, whatever you choose, once you've considered what the perfect blazer would be for you, you're sure to have a surefire winner in your wardrobe. Find our 3 tips for choosing the right blazer below.

"For me, a blazer is the last and most important add on to my outfit. I mostly use my blazer to complete my sets. A blazer is indispensable in the "every day" wardrobe, easy to style and can be used for both everyday and party - I feel well dressed, yet super relaxed when I wear a blazer" - Stephanie Seedorff, Founder

3 tips for choosing the right blazer

Do you wear a blazer in your everyday life? Then it will be a centerpiece - the one that helps to define you and your style. There is therefore no doubt that your blazer must be at the top in all parameters: design, quality, look and feel!

The blazer helps to make your look stylish and classic. Sometimes it needs to give a twist to your outfit, but it will always be the elegant and exclusive piece of clothing that can really bring the whole look together.

1. Go for a blazer that is classic and stylish. When investing in a new blazer, our ultimate tip is to go for a look that can last year after year. With a blazer, you have an item that always ensures that you are well dressed - therefore it is also a good idea that you choose one that fits your current wardrobe and future trends.

2. Look for the right fit. No matter what the fashion magazines dictate is "new", we never get over the fact that not everything suits everyone. Therefore, our advice is that you should go for a fit that suits your body type - because what suits you is always in fashion.

3. Go for high quality. With a blazer in the right quality, your look gets that unique touch of exclusivity. The look that makes you stop in the street and ask where the clothes are from. The look that makes you radiate self-confidence. At O'TAY, we are extremely picky about our qualities, because we care about having a responsible wardrobe - and you get that, among other things. by having good quality that can last for many years.

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